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The Nymboida Canoe Centre is an Australian Canoeing National Training Provider and we offer a range of canoe, kayak and river safety courses.

Our courses are run by nationally qualified instructors. All levels are covered with courses for beginners through to instructor levels.

What courses are offered?
At Nymboida Canoe Centre we are able to offer Skills, Rescue, Guide and Instructor qualifications for both Flat Water (level 1) and Whitewater (level 2).

Who needs the Australian Canoeing qualification?
The Australian Canoeing qualifications are now adopted as the best industry practice and are therefore legally required to run any official canoeing or kayaking session. This means organisations such as State Education Departments and Scouts now require these qualifications for any canoe and kayaking events/activities

What does the Australian Canoeing qualification let you do?
There are different levels of qualifications from basic skills through to instructor in the areas of Flat Water, Sea and White Water. These are aimed to fit the needs of individuals. The qualifications are designed to allow someone to get competent in anything from personal skills, to leading, and instructing a group.

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