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Membership / Volunteers

The Nymboida Canoe Centre is a non-for-prifit organisation.

Once a year an Annual General Meeting is held where members will be asked to vote for the Board of Directors.

You may also nominate to become a Board member yourself, or to simply Volunteer to help. Indicate your interest emailing the membership officer and the Canoe Centre Membership Officer will contact you as soon as they can.

Anyone may apply to become a member or volunteer at the Nymboida Canoe Centre, the reasons to become involved are many and varied but the main interest will be in seeing the Canoe Centres continued success in the local community.

The process involved to apply to become a member or volunteer is that you must:
Read and agree to the Articles of Association of the Canoe Centre, available here
Complete the Form below to make an application as a member or volunteer

From there you application will be considered at the next Board Meeting of Nymboida Canoeing Limited and if successful you will be contacted by the membership officer. If applying as a member you will be required to pay a once off application fee (currently $5) and an annual fee (currently $5) for each year you wish to remain a member. Only current financial members may vote at the Annual General Meeting.

All memberships automatically expire on 31 August.